Avida Settings Vermosa - Amenities

After spending the day of work or study, you can come home to a place where every day is a vacation. Resort style amenities take center stage in Avida Settings Vermosa, giving you a selection of activities to do to unwind after a busy day.

Whatever your lifestyle may be and the activities you endeavor, find a perfect mix of outdoor amenities that cater to moments of relaxation or self-contemplation, bringing you closer to the realization of dreams and hopes you have for you and your family.

The lifestyle of the residents of Avida Settings Vermosa is chareacterized by luxury and convenience with generously spaced units and common areas and a wide array of recreational amenities.

Always have peace of mind here at Avida Settings Vermosa with our efficient and dedicated property management team that oversees the management of daily services, and the upkeep and maintenance of perimeter grounds and features.


  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Adult and kiddie swimming pools
  • Basketball court
  • Children’s park and playground
  • Landscaped parks and open spaces

Avida Settings Vermosa by Avida Land

Avida Settings Vermosa by Avida Land

Avida Settings Vermosa AVP

Avida Settings Vermosa by Avida Land